Why are the stakes so high in Customer Experience?

Posted by Maria Gray

May 29, 2015

stakes_in_cxThese days, customers have more choice than ever before. You only have to look around to see a lot of industries dramatically changing in favour of the customer. 

Sometimes it's because of new entrants, like Uber, Airbnb, etc. but often it's due to changes in legislation and compliance. More and more, you see decision making powers shifting away from companies and towards their customers.

As individuals and organisations, we need to react to stay relevant.

This calls for you to have a real-time pulse check, at a transactional level, so you can start to build up a picture of what is really happening from your customers' perspective. But it also means that you need to adapt and evolve to deliver the type of experience that your customers now expect. Ultimately, you’ll be judged against the brands delivering the best customer experience, not just those in your own industry. It’s people that are delivering a fantastic experience already that you should be trying to compete with, rather than just your close-knit sector.

If, as an organisation, you’re struggling to decide whether you should care about customer experience, then you're probably not an organisation that is focusing on it in the first place. A lot of people give lip service to delivering a good customer experience but don't have either the structure or the philosophy to see it through. You absolutely have to believe it's the right thing to do to have any chance of delivering it.

For customer experience to thrive, it has to be something that's at the heart. It has to be part of the beliefs and culture of an organisation. Only when it’s genuine can you surpass expectations and provide a high level of service, and experience.

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