• Webinar: Customer Engagement for Rebels

    On-Demand Webinar: Customer Engagement For Rebels

It's time to create a movement in customer engagement. A movement for change, thinking differently, challenging conventions and embracing innovation. In doing so, we can achieve amazing results. Let's empower employees and embrace customer choice.



Watch our on-demand webinar to listen to Jason Sharpe, MD of SharpeBusiness as he discusses how this approach can benefit your company.

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Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how you can:

  • Achieve feedback response rates in excess of 35%
  • Reduce complaints and churn by 25%
  • Increase NPS by 70 points and C-Sat by 8%
  • Reduce costs and drive additional revenue
  • Prevent complaints and turn Ranters into Ravers
  • Gamify the Frontline employee experience
  • Transform your employee engagement by inspiring and empowering them

Watch our on-demand webinar:

“As a result of Rant & Rave we have acknowledged the need to listen to what our customers are saying. We've always stood by the motto, ‘make decisions as though the customer is in the room’ but it wasn't until we started to receive customer feedback that we truly started to live by that motto; this was the result of Rant & Rave driving a huge change.”




Ravers / The New Customer Experience Manifesto - Customer Engagement for Rebels