How You Can Use Technology to Improve Employee Engagement in the Contact Centre

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January 9, 2017

How-You-Can-Use-Technology-to-Improve-Employee-Engagement-in-the-Contact-Centre.jpgIt goes without saying that being under unnecessary pressure at work can leave you feeling disengaged and unhappy. Well, this couldn’t be truer for your Frontline Contact Centre agents.

They're your employees and they are there to make a difference for your brand, to talk to customers and provide the best possible Customer Service. But one of the main issues they encounter is managing priorities and their resource, how can focus on the experience they are delivering if they’re forever chasing long standing cases or making low-value service calls that end up in their voicemail?!

You can start to take the pressure off them by taking care of the things that take up most of their time, some of these things can be automated. For example, by proactively sending customers the information they need through their journey with you (delivery notifications, alerts for delays etc) via SMS or email, you can ensure that your Customer Service agents are focused on making high-value calls and delivering exceptional Customer Service.

We all know how it feels when someone is angry with us and yet it really wasn’t our fault; it can leave you in a difficult position. This is a common scenario that your Contact Centre agents experience and it's important to make sure they have a strong sense of empathy to talk it through with the angry customer, log the issue and promise it will be looked into.

The reason this is frustrating for your Frontline is that more often than not, the issues your customers are experiencing aren’t to do with your Agents at all – perhaps your website information isn’t clear enough, or your engineers haven’t fixed an issue, yet it’s your Agents that often take the heat for it.

So start using technology that’s smart enough to analyse Customer Feedback and distinguish where the real problem lies, so that you can make tactical changes to keep your Agents motivated!

One brand that does this is Affinity Water. They use our Fast Feedback solution to immediately identify the root cause of issues and flag them for the right member of the team to deal with, allowing them to take action in real-time and use the Voice of the Customer to continually improve their processes.

Want a few more tips to try out? Check out our Infographic: Six Top Tips for Employee Engagement in the Contact Centre

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