How to Ditch Surveys and Capture Real Insights from your Customers

Posted by Sam Roberts

Survey tools are predominately used to capture feedback and whilst these tools provide answers into what your customers are thinking, they're often built with flawed questioning, fail to capture how...
Read More May 9, 2017

Topics: Real-Time Feedback, Customer Feedback Survey

Why easyJet Knows How I Feel, and Expedia Doesn't

Posted by David Bonner

Last week Frances and I had 3 days in Dubrovnik for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had a great time, a fantastic place to spend a few days together. But this trip would give me the clearest example...
Read More November 15, 2016

Topics: Customer Feedback, Real-Time Feedback

How to Recover A Customer In Real-Time

Posted by Rant & Rave

Even if you think that you have the most effective customer service department in the world, mistakes still happen. When they do, you want to put the lid on them and contain the after effects, fast.
Read More August 30, 2016

Topics: Real-Time Feedback, Real-time Customer Feedback

Why capturing feedback in real-time is essential

Posted by Molly Shanahan

If you’ve ever received an email asking for feedback on a call that you made 3 months ago, you know how frustrating it is. Even if you thought that the call was amazing at the time, how are you...
Read More August 12, 2016

Topics: Customer Feedback, Real-Time Feedback

Sky’s approach to customer engagement

Posted by Sam Roberts

Think about the last time you were really emotional about something. This can be either end of the scale – from utter devastation to complete elation. Did you keep these feelings to yourself?
Read More June 7, 2016

Topics: Customer Engagement, Real-Time Feedback, Customer Emotion

How to create real-time inspired action

Posted by AndyLatham

  Can a computer truly understand the feelings and emotions of a person? Not just by spotting keywords, but by gaining real insight in real-time so the brand can take immediate action?
Read More May 2, 2014

Topics: Customer Feedback Technology, Real-Time Feedback

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