How to Recover A Customer In Real-Time

Posted by Rant & Rave

Even if you think that you have the most effective customer service department in the world, mistakes still happen. When they do, you want to put the lid on them and contain the after effects, fast.
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The importance of real-time customer feedback

Posted by Kirsti Anderson feels like a lifetime ago doesn’t it? The decorations are now safely back in the loft, the presents have found new homes around the...err...home, and the leftovers (and endless tins of...
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Topics: Customer Feedback, Real-time Customer Feedback

Customer feedback: It's All About The Timing

Posted by Hards

  I can’t help but think that if a brand really cares about customer feedback and how their customers feel, they wouldn’t wait weeks to ask you – so why do some brands reach out at a snail’s pace?
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Topics: Customer Feedback, Real-time Customer Feedback

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