How do you capture the true voice of the customer?

Posted by Sam Roberts

Customers aren't completing surveys, so what can you do? We believe that the time for surveys has long gone, customers aren't engaged and brands are wasting valuable resource.
Read More June 10, 2016

Topics: Customer Surveys, Voice Of The Customer

3 Reasons Your Customers Are Giving Up On Surveys

Posted by Emma Rudeck

Now, be honest here, when was the last time you answered a full-length survey? Maybe you opened it up, with the good intentions of leaving your feedback. But, by page 16, you were too bored and...
Read More September 14, 2015

Topics: Customer Feedback, Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys: Is there anybody out there?

Posted by Jules

These days it seems like there are customer surveys everywhere, everyone wants to know how you felt about your meal, the service, the delivery, the shirt you've just bought etc. 
Read More October 27, 2014

Topics: Customer Surveys

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