How To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Maria Gray

Customer Satisfaction is much more than just a number; it’s a gateway to understanding your customers’ emotions and expectations and more importantly, a means to continuously improve the Customer...
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Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Four Characteristics of High Performing Service Organisations

Posted by Bob Winnington

We all know the benefits of providing excellent Customer Service, but what are the key characteristics of high performing service organisations?
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Topics: Contact Centre, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort

The Current Position of Customer Satisfaction in the UK

Posted by Bob Winnington

During my time with the Institute of Customer Service, I had a lot of involvement with the UK Customer Satisfaction Index; a twice yearly survey that achieves around 40,000 responses from around...
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Topics: Contact Centre, Customer Satisfaction

The Truth About Customer Experience Is Out There...

Posted by Mike McMaster

21 years ago, back when Justin, Britney and Christina were all still in the Mickey Mouse Club, I was a young, very inexperienced Marketing Executive intern huddled over a high power (486) computer,...
Read More December 17, 2014

Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Insight

Exceeding Customer Expectations at the Frontline

Posted by Molly

Under their main company values AT&T state the promise to "understand what customers want and deliver it". Seems like a pretty simple concept, and probably one that most companies should share.
Read More August 29, 2014

Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

Are You Afraid of Survey Fatigue?

Posted by Mike McMaster

  Just in case you didn’t have enough worry in your life already, now you get to worry about survey fatigue. Are you over-surveying your customers? Are they getting fed up of all the questions? Or,...
Read More June 27, 2014

Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction Survey

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