Why Customer Loyalty is More Important than Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Emma Rudeck

If you ask most business leaders whether they want satisfied customers, chances are they’re going to say ‘yes’. It’s not really a surprise because we know that happy customers are a part of any...
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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

What Customer Loyalty Really Means

Posted by Molly

  John Lewis have recently announced that they will be stopping their ever-so-British offer of 'free tea and cake' for those on their loyalty scheme. The news has sent shockwaves around the world of...
Read More September 26, 2014

Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Loyalty Schemes

Exceeding Customer Expectations at the Frontline

Posted by Molly

Under their main company values AT&T state the promise to "understand what customers want and deliver it". Seems like a pretty simple concept, and probably one that most companies should share.
Read More August 29, 2014

Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

Can you spot the moments that win 23 years of Customer Loyalty?

Posted by Mike McMaster

I went to see my bank last week. This doesn't happen very often, as I'm hardly a major client, and they have a habit of only being open when I am at work.
Read More August 25, 2014

Topics: Customer Loyalty, Voice Of The Customer

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