Measuring Journeys to Supercharge Customer Intelligence

Posted by Molly Shanahan

At any one time, your customers are all at different stages of their journey. They might be new customers, just signing-on, returning customers, making a repeat purchase, or customers that have...
Read More April 12, 2017

Topics: customer journey, Customer Experience

How optimised customer journeys help you stand out from your competitors

Posted by Emma Rudeck

Customers often become (and remain) loyal to a brand as a result of the experiences they have throughout their entire customer journey. 
Read More September 11, 2015

Topics: Customer Experience, customer journey

Understanding customer journeys is vital to building a great customer experience

Posted by Emma Rudeck

When it comes to evaluating and analysing how your customers feel about their experience, you’re probably focusing on all the different touchpoints your customers have with your organisation. 
Read More July 31, 2015

Topics: Customer Experience, customer journey

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