Keep Customers Raving on Blue Monday (and Beyond)

Posted by Rant & Rave

Ah, Blue Monday, the most depressing day in the most depressing month of the year, according to reports and – well – just about everyone. The third Monday of January is notorious for its unfortunate...
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Topics: Customer Experience

A little less 2019 prediction, a little more customer service action

Posted by Rant & Rave

Ah, January: the month of resolutions, crowded gyms, and empty pubs… Plus the inevitable wave of ‘2019 prediction’ blogs, covering everything from politics to design trends. Now, we’re no psychics –...
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Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Service

Trains, Pains and Automo-feels: Customer Experience During Festive Travel Time

Posted by Rant & Rave

Ah, the joys of travelling home for Christmas. Bags loaded up with gifts. The warm glow of twinkling lights in the distance. The merry camaraderie and spontaneous carol-singing on the train…
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Topics: Customer Experience

How Employee Engagement Impacts the Bottom Line

Posted by Sam Roberts

With consumer expectations continuing to rise, businesses have never been more focused on the experiences they're delivering. 
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Topics: Customer Experience, Employee Engagement

GDPR: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly for CX

Posted by Rant & Rave

  “In the twenty-first century our personal data is probably the most valuable resource most humans still have to offer, and we are giving it to the tech giants in exchange for email services and...
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Topics: Customer Experience, Data Security

5 CX Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making at All Costs

Posted by Rant & Rave

 Implementing a successful Voice of the Customer program isn't easy, it requires a considerable amount of thought, planning, and once executed, monitoring and improving the programme is essential.
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Topics: Customer Experience

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