How to Make Your Office a Place Employees Are Happy to Call Home

Posted by Rant & Rave

Only a decade ago the typical working office looked very different, more often than not it would be four off-white coloured walls and a bunch of desks. But with the rise of Google and a shift in...
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Topics: Employee Engagement, Agent Engagement, Frontline Engagement

The Worst Advice About Employee Engagement

Posted by James Hargreaves

There is plenty of advice on how you should engage your employees and why it's important, it's essential in making sure a department is effective on a day-to-day basis.
Read More August 8, 2016

Topics: Employee Engagement, Agent Engagement, Frontline Engagement

3 Ways to Emotionally Engage the Frontline

Posted by Sam Roberts

Ask any customer experience professional what is at the top of their list of challenges and it’ll likely be emotionally engaging with frontline staff.
Read More June 3, 2016

Topics: Customer Emotion, Agent Engagement

Agent Engagement & Gamification [Report]

Posted by Maria Gray

Motivating and keeping good agents in a working environment that is often stressful, sometimes repetitive and usually not well-paid is a challenge that contact centres have had to face since their...
Read More December 10, 2015

Topics: Gamification, Agent Engagement

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