Getting to the bottom of Customer Feedback Analysis

Posted by Hards

October 28, 2014

Big-data-reportingBig Data is definitely a big buzzword but you don’t need to be lost within your data warehouse for it to be a problem.

It’s fairly common that an organisation collects lots of feedback which is handed to a team of boffins in their analyst and insight team who then move on to produce a pretty report for you. But who in your organisation gets to see or even understand it?

It really is important to ensure that feedback gets to all the nooks and crannies (if you’ve seen 'In Bruges' you will get the reference) in your company so that every team knows what’s going well and not so well... and as it comes from your customers, its unquestionable.

To achieve this, you need to make sure the tool that is collecting customer feedback is also capable of analysing and sharing it as soon as it lands so that it doesn't gather dust and remains relevant.

To tackle this challenge we have developed a multi-channel reporting approach that encompasses the real-time alerting and gamification.

We can tailor dashboards for all the different roles within your organisation and also ensure users can only access the data that you are comfortable with them seeing.

Take a look at our Fast Feedback soltion in more detail:

Check it out

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