Customer Feedback: Are airlines getting it right?

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August 27, 2014


qr-codes-blog-customer-experience2I have been festering on this one for a while. A few months back I was on a plane back from a weekend away in Portugal and the in-flight magazine had this half page spread…

qr codes blog

Can you see what the problem is?

Here is the sequence of events, you get on the plane and they tell you to turn your phone off. I then open the magazine that asks me to scan a QR code to leave feedback... but my phone is off and I’m not allowed to turn it on! To add to my frustration at seeing this, there isn’t any signal or Wi-Fi connection that would enable me to do it even if I could turn my phone on, and I’m not planning on taking the magazine home with me.

Monarch showed some good innovation here by using a new technology to get feedback – but it has been used in the wrong way. In my opinion QR Codes have no place on a Monarch plane, they’d prove much more useful at the check-in desk or departure lounge.

There are many ways and means to get customer feedback, SMS, IVR, MMS, Online Surveys etc but brands need to be clever and start using the right channel to get the maximum impact.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of buying tickets direct from a budget airline website will know that they are required to pass on every bit of contact information they have. Monarch had my mobile number, they knew that I got on the plane and they knew that it landed. So if they were genuinely interested in my thoughts why didn’t they send me a text shortly after I’d landed asking for my feedback while it was still fresh in my mind?!

Monarch, 10/10 for ambition, 0/10 for execution.

Find out how to ask for feedback in the right way in our Infographic:

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