How to create real-time inspired action

Posted by AndyLatham

May 2, 2014


man-and-machine-sentimentCan a computer truly understand the feelings and emotions of a person? Not just by spotting keywords, but by gaining real insight in real-time so the brand can take immediate action?

Well, let’s find out…

There’s a lot to be said for traditional ‘opinion mining’ techniques – taking mass volumes of feedback data or unpicking the ‘Social Media Firehose’ and producing a pretty report. It’s a technique that’s got legs and works well – for producing a pretty report. But does it really tell you what you need to hear?

Our technology goes one step further and unpicks every element of what a customer has said about a brand in the moment – understanding their frustrations, their praise, their suggestions – even their humour, before presenting all of this rich insight back to you on a bespoke dashboard.

We understand that just a single piece of feedback can contain many business insights which will mean different things to different people in an organisation – so we get it to them right at the moment their customer has taken the time to tell them. Speed here is key – many talk about real-time but we don’t pay lip-service to this. Our Fast Feedback solution does exactly what it says on the tin - processing customer feedback on a mass-scale and at blinding speed.

Our natural language processing technology is also unique. Of course, we do multi-step Natural Language Processing. Of course, we do Sentiment Analysis. But we take pride in how we do this and go to extreme lengths to ensure every nuance of the human language is taken into consideration. We understand that people will make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and as our language naturally evolves with trends such as emoticons or ‘txt speak’, our technology is geared to evolve along with it.

However, we don’t just rely on our technology. We appreciate that computers will always have their limitations - no matter how advanced or intelligent the software is. If we take a light-hearted look at the nirvana of Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction, even this appreciates that computers lack the true emotional empathy of a human (DATA in Star Trek and Kryten in Red Dwarf are just two fun examples of ‘robots’ who struggle with understanding human emotion!). So we don’t battle this – we embrace it to create a truly unique solution. Our technology, whilst sophisticated, will always struggle with the odd quirky phrase, so we’ve taught it to recognise when it’s struggling and flag items of feedback for our dedicated team to take a look at - again, in real-time. This technique of Human-Computer Symbiosis supports our customers in the moment and feeds our Artificial Intelligence engine so that it can learn and evolve over time.

So how do we create real-time inspired action? Man and machine working together in harmony.

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