5 CX Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making at All Costs

Posted by Rant & Rave

 Implementing a successful Voice of the Customer program isn't easy, it requires a considerable amount of thought, planning, and once executed, monitoring and improving the programme is essential.
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Topics: Customer Experience

Why Motivation is Key to Engaging Employees & Customers

Posted by Rant & Rave

There are employees who get it and are highly motivated; they understand what their roles are and what is expected of them. But at the other end of the spectrum, there are other employees who don't...
Read More January 29, 2018

Topics: Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Go Above & Beyond for Your Customers

Posted by Sam Roberts

Our customers are presented with so much choice in the way they shop, communicate and interact with us.
Read More January 9, 2018

Topics: Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction Trends for 2018: What You Need to Know

Posted by Rant & Rave

A customer satisfaction survey seemingly pops into our mailbox every time we make a purchase, engage in a call centre interaction or check out of a hotel room.
Read More December 6, 2017

Topics: Customer Satisfaction

How Customer-Centric Brands Drive Value Across The Customer Journey

Posted by Adam Janes, CX Consultant

Brands are working ever harder to understand their customer journey, a journey which continues to expand through the introduction of new digital channels. 
Read More November 21, 2017

Topics: The Customer Journey

Understanding First Contact Resolution and Improving Call Centre Performance

Posted by Rant & Rave

When something is going wrong, and a customer calls in with a query, they want to get an answer as soon as possible.
Read More November 15, 2017

Topics: Contact Centre

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