• The CX Rebels Guide to Measuring Customer Experience
    Measuring Customer Experience

The CX rebels guide to measuring customer experience

We all know what our customers have to say is important. They're the people living and breathing our products and services every day. So how can we effectively enhance their Customer Experience, capture their feedback and build up a picture of what's really happening from their point of view?

It's all about the metrics used throughout the customer journey.

Sadly, it's not quite as simple as it sounds, which is why we've put together an eBook which will talk you through how to:

  • Use the right metrics at the right time along the customer journey

  • Throw your survey in the bin and still get the same insight

  • Ask for feedback when it's most convenient for the customer

  • Adopt a 'test and learn' methodology to find the right metrics for your business

  • Get your employees on-board and embrace metrics

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- Louise Bannerman, Customer Insight Project Lead, Scottish Water