• Webinar: Improving Experiences, The Power of People

    On Demand Webinar: Improving Experiences,The Power of People



Real-time technology is integral to capturing insight that's actionable but without your people, there's a disconnect, and it can leave you struggling to know which way to turn in the world (or maze) of customer experience. The time has come to reconnect your employees and your customers.

Join John Patterson, Director of Customer Experience, Sage and Rew Golding, Head of Channels & Partners, Rant & Rave as they discuss why Sage has partnered with Rant & Rave to better capture and understand the voice of their customers. The webinar explores the link between your culture, your people and your customers' satisfaction.

The webinar covers:
  • Whether better behaviour can really influence NPS
  • The impact of positive behaviour
  • The importance of the customer journey and where to close the loop
  • Why the real-time words of your customers are your most powerful asset for improving people performance 
  • The importance of culture


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Rew Golding, Head of Channels & Partners, Rant & RaveRew Golding

Head of Channels & Partners

Rant & Rave

John Patterson, Director of Customer Experience, SageJohn Patterson

Director of Customer Experience


Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Engage Business MediaSteve Hurst

Editorial Director

Engage Customer