How To Get Feedback From Customers

Posted by Maria Gray

April 23, 2015

how_to_get_feedback_from_customersCustomers in every industry always have something to say about how their experience was with an organisation, and their explanations of their experience always seem to be quite emotional. 

Either they were really pleased by their experience or really, really disappointed by it. Either way, that’s valuable insight the brand in question would really benefit from having.

This is why brands need to ask for feedback, to gain Customer Insight. But it’s often the actual getting of feedback that brands struggle with. With most brands going straight to the standard 50 question survey to find out what their customers think, but is this really the right way to go about collecting feedback?

Our approach to collecting customer feedback is simple. Ask what customers think and ask them why they think it. No leading questions about how the store looked or how friendly staff were, just your customers thoughts on what matters most to them. And when should this question be asked? Straight after service delivery, when the experience is fresh in your customers’ minds.

Our Infographic, below, outlines 10 reasons why our approach to asking customers for feedback makes more sense than asking customers to answer 50 questions, two weeks after their interaction. We’ve also highlighted a few things your customers could be achieving in the time it takes to complete your survey.


Rant & Rave - Customer SatisfACTION Infographic - 10 reasons to rethink your survey strategy


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