• How Real-Time Feedback can Transform an Organisation's Culture
    On-Demand Webinar: How Real-Time Feedback can Transform an Organisation's Culture


As part of their 2020 vision of reaching 90% customer satisfaction, Orbit, one of the UK’s largest Housing organisations, became the first of its kind to launch a real-time feedback system. 

Hear from Dean Ballard (Head of Performance Excellence, Orbit) and Yiannis Maos (Head of Digital, Rant & Rave) as they discuss how Orbit has reduced the number of Advisors on improvement plans by 70% and seen sickness levels drop below 5% by using the voice of their tenants to transform their culture.
The one hour webinar covers:
  • Why emotion is key to building (and influencing) the right culture
  • The trap of the ‘customer service department’ and why you should avoid siloed responsibility
  • How to create the right environment for your employees to thrive
  • How to encourage frontline staff to become masters of their own destiny
  • How to connect action back to business results



Dean Ballard, Head of Performance Excellence, Orbit Group

As Head of Performance Excellence, Dean Ballard leads the business intelligence function for Orbit Group. He is tasked with supporting the development of a performance focused culture; concentrating on performance insight, high quality data analysis and customer feedback, embracing innovation and learning from the commercial world.

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