How Brands Can Capture Customer Feedback With Amazon Alexa

Posted by Rant & Rave

July 13, 2017

How Brands Can Capture Customer Feedback With Amazon Alexa | Rant & RaveAs a successful brand, you know the importance of bringing the Voice of the Customer into the heart of your business and decision making. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to two scenarios that show how you can capture the authentic voice of your customer through Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa.

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Giving feedback in the moment

A couple check-in at a hotel and they get the key from the front desk. The person on reception doesn’t make eye contact and isn’t particularly warm or friendly. The couple then get to the room, only to find the bathroom is a mess. The dirty towels from the previous guest are still there and it’s a mess. Somehow housekeeping has missed this room.

This initial experience leaves the couple feeling dissatisfied. So, using the Alexa device in their room, they share their feedback, in the moment, letting the hotel know what they're currently feeling.

The Alexa device in the room is preconfigured so the hotel knows which room the feedback is coming from and it is processed in real-time. All of this information is then fed through the sentiment engine and immediately available on the Rant & Rave dashboard for the hotel management to see.

Specific alerts can also be triggered by certain types of feedback. In this case, the couple’s feedback hits a threshold, so that an alert is automatically sent to the hotel manager. This process means the hotel can get to work immediately and prioritise the issues highlighted in the feedback.

While the couple are out of the room, the room is tidied and made presentable. As well, an apology letter from the manager along with a gift is then left in the room to apologise for their experience so far. This proactive approach can turn around a bad experience and instead delight customers, finding that their feedback was heard and staff went a step further to make up for previous issues.

From the hotel manager’s point of view, as well as satisfying the customer in the moment they also have further insight from this feedback. What it highlighted was a gap in the cleaning process for the rooms and that there were also issues surrounding training, meaning that the staff were unclear on the rota. The result of this feedback meant that as well as being able to fix the issues for individual customers, the hotel manager was able to make systemic improvements to the business.

Sharing feedback on a shopping experience

A woman is in a major department store and she’s looking for a new outfit. She finds something she likes, but can’t find it in her size. She looks for a member of staff, but, despite waiting for five minutes, she doesn’t see anyone. It’s a store she normally likes, so she’s happy enough to leave feedback using an Alexa device near the changing room before going to another store.

Unlike the hotel scenario, there’s limited opportunity for the store manager to recover this situation in real-time. This customer is busy. She couldn’t get help and, while she was good enough to leave feedback, she’s off to find that dress somewhere else.

However, the store manager does still receive the feedback in real-time and can make a change to ensure her staff are more visible on the shop floor. Even though the customer leaving the feedback didn’t benefit, every other customer who came through the door that day did benefit because the store manager was able to take prompt action.

The same woman returns on another day and can see that the service has improved. It was a store she liked; it’s a store she continues to like - even with that one bad visit.

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