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    Exceeding Customer Expectations One Touchpoint At A Time


Discover how you can deliver a compelling customer experience

Like CRM before it, Customer Experience has difficulty living up to the expectations set for it when businesses embark on a dedicated improvement programme. Intuitively, this shouldn’t be the case. By definition, enhancing the Customer Experience should benefit the customer and as a result, benefit the business.

Logic tells us that brands who offer a superior Customer Experience will enjoy increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases and higher levels of customer advocacy.

Customer Experience lacks a standard definition, making it extremely difficult to set and then meet expectations. You only need to look at the latest analyst reports designed to help enterprises understand which technologies can help them address their challenges, to get a sense of how readily the term ‘Customer Experience’ is used.

Written by leading Customer Engagement specialist, Gary Schwartz, this eBook explores how you can exceed customer expectations by focusing on giving customers a choice of channel, requesting feedback at all customer touchpoints and by acting on customer comments in real-time to continuously drive change and Customer Experience improvements.

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- Louise Bannerman, Customer Insight Prject Lead, Scottish Water