• Enhancing Customer Experience At Moments Of Truth®

How to use customer feedback to enhance the customer experience

Fundamentally, brands and consumers want the same thing - to deliver and receive a great Customer Experience. But as customers are won and lost in real-time, it’s important that you keep your customers informed and engaged throughout their journey.

We’ve found that by sending your customers timely, personalised messages at key Moments of Truth®, you can increase revenue and enhance Customer Experience.

This Infographic explores how The Rant & Rave Platform can help you listen to your customers' feedback throughout their journey with you, through an example we can all relate to - booking a holiday. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to enhance your Customer Experience by showing them that you're listening.

From booking confirmations to travel updates, combining triggered requests for feedback with listening posts that let your customers share their thoughts in real-time, when they want to, means you can gather invaluable insight that you can use to enhance your Customer Experience.

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"Rant & Rave gives us the ability to find out what our subscribers really think in real-time, so we can react quickly."


Beverley McIntyre, Head of Customer Operations, News UK