• How To Improve Customer Feedback Response Rates

Increase the quality and quantity of your customer feedback

When our clients start a new feedback initiative we’re often asked two questions, "What response rates can we expect?" and "what can we do to encourage more customers to share their views?."

The short answer is that unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet – every organisation is different. But our experience has taught us that brands can achieve customer feedback response rates of up to 35% by asking for customer feedback in real-time and by adopting a few simple tactics.

From the best way to ask for customer feedback and how you can increase the chances of your customers responding to your feedback requests to the best time to ask for customer feedback and how much you should be asking your customers, our Infographic explores 10 ways that brands like you can increase the quantity and quality of your customer feedback.

By adopting the tips outlined in our Infographic, we believe that brands can achieve:

  • Up to a 36% reduction in complaints by listening and responding to customer feedback in real-time,

  • Up to a 50% increase in NPS by proactively asking for feedback 

  • 75% more actionable insight.

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"We chose to implement Rant & Rave to keep us ahead of the curve in the energy market. The response rate exceeded initial projections, with over 50% of customers engaging and leaving feedback."

- Jason Sharpe, MD of OVO Energy