• our CX Resolutions for 2017

    Our CX Resolutions for 2017

Where will 2017 will take us?

Whether you're looking to shake things up in 2017, or you just want to enjoy some light reading, sit back and relax because you're in for a treat. Our Guide: CX Resolutions for 2017, explores all of the hot topics and insights that will be dominating the world of customer experience and customer engagement this year. We've also included quotes from a range of high profile industry leaders to help you learn from the best but how can you apply this knowledge? Well, to help you out we've included 8 customer experience resolutions for you to take away and action (you can thank us later.)

So what exactly will you learn in our guide?

  • The importance of culture, strategy and the why behind the KPI

  • What taking action means and why you should use different types of segmentation

  • How to engage your frontline team and provide a platform for innovation

  • The Resolutions you need to adopt in 2017 to drive CX change 


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