• 10 Game Changers for Customer Experience

    10 Game Changers For Customer Experience

What board games can teach us about customer experience...

Did you know that 'Jenga' is actually the Swahili word for 'build'? Or that the highest scoring word in scrabble is oxyphenbutazone? And Parker Brothers prints thirty times more Monopoly money every year than the United States prints real money?

Despite board games and customer experience not having an obvious link, we've created an Infographic exploring what you can learn about customer experience from your favourite board games of the past.

From what Monopoly and Pictionary can teach you about creating a successful customer experience strategy, to what Operation and Connect Four have to do with customer feedback and proactive communication, this Infographic explores how you can have a bit of fun with your CX strategy, as well as some little known facts about each of the games!


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