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So welcome to the ultimate guide to customer engagement. In this guide, you'll learn why locking up the responsibility for your customers’ experience in an ivory tower is truly counterproductive for any organisation. With consumers more empowered than ever, brands need to think about how they can spread accountability and truly become customer-centric.

Then again, consumers aren’t the only ones who are empowered, brands are also being forced to rethink their employee engagement strategies. Learning how best to manage both CX and EX will be critical to driving engagement and crafting an authentic customer experience.

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How to truly put the customer at the heart of your organisation

CX has to be truly at the heart of any organisation and be the priority of each employee, regardless of seniority or department. Caring about the way customers feel and the way you interact with them is everyone’s responsibility, and this must be communicated at every level.

It’s about making sure that things are working in a way that your customers want and expect, this is just one way you can start to build trust.

HomeServe's approach to employee engagement and driving great culture!

People should genuinely enjoy coming to work every day
because they feel engaged and feel what they do really
makes a difference in customers’ lives.

Everyone should understand what their contribution is to the business and the only way you can do that is through regular communication. Brands need to truly invest in their people by making sure their thoughts, feelings and opinions are valued, this is what you culture should be all about. 


How you can challenge the status quo in the world of CX...

It's more essential than ever for CX professionals to start interrogating their numbers and metrics, they have to always be asking ‘why’.

It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day activity and forget that you need to invest time here. Get into the mindset of ‘seek and you shall find’, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you’re doing everything you can to understand how your customers are feeling.

Why great experiences aren't just good for your customers, but also your employees

In short, employee happiness depends not on what the company says, but what it does. With a direct impact on customer experience and business performance.

Engaged employees help to reduce churn rates as customers feel that they are being paid real attention. Business outputs are increased as a result of company-wide engagement with everyone working towards a shared goal.


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