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Why One Metric Can't Be Used to Measure Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Posted by Sam Roberts

Do you rely on one metric to measure Customer Experience? It’s not uncommon for companies to rely solely on C-Sat or NPS when measuring Customer Experience, but the metrics used aren’t always...
Read More May 16, 2017

Topics: Customer Experience, Metrics

Four Customer Experience Trends that Aren't Going Away

Posted by Sam Roberts

The CX landscape is constantly changing. Knowing what's relevant and what isn't is a major challenge - especially when these trends seem to develop so fast. Something that seemed exciting and fresh...
Read More May 10, 2017

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Insight

How to Ditch Surveys and Capture Real Insights from your Customers

Posted by Sam Roberts

Survey tools are predominately used to capture feedback and whilst these tools provide answers into what your customers are thinking, they're often built with flawed questioning, fail to capture how...
Read More May 9, 2017

Topics: Real-Time Feedback, Customer Feedback Survey

4 Quick Wins to Move Your CX Programme to the Next Level

Posted by Sam Roberts

When was the last time you sat back, hands resting behind your head and though, "I think we’ve totally nailed our approach to Customer Experience?”
Read More April 25, 2017

Topics: Customer Experience, Voice Of The Customer

Spotlight on Fiona Briggs, Editor & Publisher of Retail Times

Posted by Sam Roberts

With our next event 'Putting The Soul Back Into CX' drawing closer and closer we are pleased to announce that Fiona Briggs, Editor and Publisher of Retail Times will be joining us as an expert...
Read More April 20, 2017

Topics: Customer Experience

Putting The Soul Back Into Customer Experience

Posted by Sam Roberts

Wave goodbye to stuffy corporate conferences, our event 'Putting the Soul Back into CX' was all about the role of emotion and the importance of people-to-people interactions in Customer Experience.
Read More April 19, 2017

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Engagement

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