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The Truth About Customer Experience Is Out There...

Posted by Mike McMaster

21 years ago, back when Justin, Britney and Christina were all still in the Mickey Mouse Club, I was a young, very inexperienced Marketing Executive intern huddled over a high power (486) computer,...
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Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Insight

Don’t ambush your VoC contributors – they are not idiots!

Posted by Mike McMaster

The suburban idyll at Chez McMaster was disturbed over the weekend – and the upset was caused by a Voice of Customer survey.
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Topics: Customer Feedback, Blog, Voice Of The Customer, VoC

15 years of customer loyalty and they don't even know it

Posted by Mike McMaster

Emotion is a powerful thing. But when it comes to customers and their money, I used to see emotion as something short-lived, and would look towards more concrete measures of customer behaviour to try...
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Topics: Customer Feedback, Blog, Voice Of The Customer

Who wins in the shoot out between companies and regulators?

Posted by Mike McMaster

Today’s Regulators are a far cry from the swiftly deputised cowboys of 1st March 1878 who dispensed “justice” by rifle, and ended up finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.
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Topics: Customer Feedback, Regulated Industries

How hopeless Voice of the Customer can ruin your Customer Experience

Posted by Mike McMaster

I have just opened a new bank account. The first one in over 25 years. And all my fears about snail-pace bureaucracy, unintelligible forms, endless call management options (press 1 for a service you...
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Topics: Customer Experience, Blog

Effortless Customer Engagement...

Posted by Mike McMaster

  Or 80% of calls answered in less than 5 minutes? Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. And the latter can drive you to yearn for the sweet release that only the former can bring.
Read More November 11, 2014

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