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Manage Customer Expectations The Right Way

Posted by Jason Sharpe

Here’s a little story about customer expectations.  I recently moved to an old house in a rural area. As you can imagine, my broadband options were pretty limited. Like most people (72%, according to...
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Topics: Emotional Engagement

Gamifying the Employee Experience

Posted by Jason Sharpe

Employee engagement is huge, if you can get your employee engagement right, you will benefit with:
Read More November 11, 2015

Topics: Employee Engagement

How Colleagues Can Enhance Your Customer Centric DNA

Posted by Jason Sharpe

To become a business with truly customer centric DNA, you need your colleagues on board. What do I mean by this? In short, customer service has to be everyone’s responsibility. 
Read More October 8, 2015

Topics: Customer Experience

How to Drive Customer Advocacy Through the WOW Factor

Posted by Jason Sharpe

There are plenty of organisations out there that will give customers something when things go wrong. A free dessert if your main course was inedible. A box of chocolates because of a billing error. 
Read More October 1, 2015

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Advocacy

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