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Customer Loyalty & Growth Hacking

Posted by Gary Schwartz

  I’ve recently become a serious adherent of Growth Hacking. Have you heard of it? Growth Hacking refers to a variety of marketing techniques that are designed to improve all aspects of the customer...
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Exceeding Customer Expectations

Posted by Gary Schwartz

  Throughout this series of blogs, we’ve been looking at how brands can exceed their customers’ expectations, through every touchpoint along their journey, and in summary it’s clear that businesses...
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Topics: CRM, Customer Expectations

A Customer Engagement Platform for the Enterprise

Posted by Gary Schwartz

  Customer Engagement technology delivers the ability to interact with customers on their terms: providing content that they choose to receive, and allowing them to provide feedback when it’s...
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The best time to ask for Customer Feedback

Posted by Gary Schwartz

  The last few weeks I’ve been waiting for my passport renewal to arrive. My excitement when I received a “delivery attempted” notice was palpable once I tracked the parcel and found its origin was...
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Fast feedback that inspires action

Posted by Gary Schwartz

  Twenty million people travel each year between London and Scotland on East Coast Trains. It’s a challenge to keep those customers happy. Often, the Moments of Truth® in a train traveller’s customer...
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Driving Business Results through Customer Engagement Technology

Posted by Gary Schwartz

Customer Engagement technology is currently being used by some of the UK's largest and most successful brands. This blog will look into how Customer Engagement technology is being used by some of...
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Topics: Customer Engagement, Customer Engagement Technology

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