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3 Abilities to Look for When Recruiting Frontline Employees

Posted by Andy Scott

The decision to hire the right frontline employees is often an easy one - name a company that wants to hire the wrong people? The challenge comes when it’s time to decide on who these people are and...
Read More July 15, 2016

Topics: Contact Centre, Frontline Engagement

The Importance Of Getting Your CX Right… At Every Touchpoint.

Posted by Andy Scott

I recently read a customer experience blog from Ian Golding on how the customer journey can be damaged by the way in which feedback is requested, which got me thinking about an experience I recently...
Read More December 16, 2015

Topics: Customer Feedback, Customer Experience

How to change your Contact Centre Customer Experience for the better!

Posted by Andy Scott

Customer Service is and always has been at the heart of most Contact Centres. But with some Contact Centres answering up to 1,000 phone calls a day, some of the more outdated metrics such as mystery...
Read More April 7, 2015

Topics: Contact Centre, Customer Experience

How To Use Proactive Communication To Improve Your Customer Experience

Posted by Andy Scott

No matter how good of a Customer Experience you offer your customers, there are always going to be complaints. But that doesn’t mean those customers will be eternally unsatisfied with your products...
Read More March 16, 2015

Topics: Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Proactive Communication

Resolving Issues In Real-Time By Acting On Customer Feedback

Posted by Andy Scott

A number of clients I work with in the Contact Centre environment offer customers the chance to share any feedback they may have on their experience with the brand. This is very important in today’s...
Read More March 2, 2015

Topics: Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Voice Of The Customer

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