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Agent Engagement & Gamification

Motivating and keeping good agents in a working environment that is often stressful, sometimes repetitive and usually not well-paid is a challenge that contact centres have had to face since their inception.

So how do you combat this? What do you, as an organisation, do to make sure your agents feel motivated to perform in their role?

Have you ever wondered if you're getting your agent engagement right?

Well, we’ve teamed up with ContactBabel to bring you the 13th Edition of the UK contact centre decision makers guide on Agent Engagement and Gamification.

Based on research from contact centre's throughout the UK, this report looks at:

  • The most effective ways of engaging contact centre agents
  • How gamification can be used to engage and reward contact centre agents
  • The top characteristics to encourage in contact centre agents, and how this differs by contact centre size
  • How gamification can be used beyond the contact centre to support business objectives

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"The insight gained from the implementation of Rant & Rave has shaped the way we operate as a company. The Frontline Engagement solution gave the project a competitive edge and educated staff on the impact they were having on the overall service provided by OVO"


- Jason Sharpe, OVO Energy