How to Reconnect Your Employees and Customers

Posted by Rant & Rave

Real-time technology is integral to capturing insight that's actionable but without your people, there's a disconnect.
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Topics: Employee Engagement

4 Questions to Consider When Reinventing Your Company Culture

Posted by Sam Roberts

Reinventing your company culture is a huge ask and there's no shortcuts. To help you with a few of the hurdles, here's 4 questions to consider if you're at the start of your journey. 
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Topics: Employee Engagement, Emotional Engagement, Culture

How You Can Use Technology to Improve Employee Engagement in the Contact Centre

Posted by Rant & Rave

It goes without saying that being under unnecessary pressure at work can leave you feeling disengaged and unhappy. Well, this couldn’t be truer for your Frontline Contact Centre agents.
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Topics: Contact Centre, Employee Engagement

Workplace Wellbeing: The Benefits for Businesses, and Individuals

Posted by Rebekah Carter

 A lucrative business understands its most valuable assets are its employees. Without staff, work simply doesn't get done. That means that if you want your organisation to thrive, you'll need to find...
Read More November 24, 2016

Topics: Employee Engagement, Wellbeing

The Big Names in Business Culture

Posted by Molly Shanahan

Business buzzwords come and go and in the sea of jargon the concept of ‘culture’ may be easily dismissed. By its very nature it is difficult to define, a strong business culture may take years to...
Read More November 21, 2016

Topics: Employee Engagement, Culture

How Real-Time Feedback Impacts Employee Engagement in the Contact Centre

Posted by Rant & Rave

This was the old process for giving employees feedback: meet with them once a month for an appraisal (or, maybe, just once a quarter) and tell them how they’re getting on… and that’s it. 
Read More September 28, 2016

Topics: Contact Centre, Employee Engagement

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