Do We Need to Convince Customers to Give Feedback?

Posted by Rant & Rave

Organisations have always been gathering customer feedback. Through every complaint, interaction or touchpoint there is an opportunity to ask your customers for feedback.

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The Power of Voice-Based Feedback in 2017

Posted by Rant & Rave

Rather than simply inputting feedback through a keyboard, phone or tablet, there’s nothing more natural than simply speaking your thoughts - voicing your feedback directly to a brand.

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Topics: Customer Feedback, Amazon Alexa

How to Use Feedback to Get into a Deeper Dialogue with Customers

Posted by Rant & Rave

Brands can be guilty of making feedback requests that are too broad or irrelevant to their customers.

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Topics: Customer Feedback

How Customer Complaints Can Uncover Problems with Business Processes

Posted by Rant & Rave

Customer complaints are a bit like visits to the dentist. Sometimes you really don’t want to face them. But if you don’t keep on top of things, you’ll end up with serious problems that could've been avoided.

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Topics: Customer Feedback

Four Customer Feedback Myths It’s Time to Leave Behind

Posted by Molly Shanahan

Have you ever heard it takes seven years to digest swallowed gum? Or that we only use 10% of our brains?

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Why easyJet Knows How I Feel, and Expedia Doesn't

Posted by David Bonner

Last week Frances and I had 3 days in Dubrovnik for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had a great time, a fantastic place to spend a few days together. But this trip would give me the clearest example of yet why Rant & Rave have totally nailed Customer Engagement for the brands they work with.

Read More November 15, 2016

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