• Contact Centre Struggles

    9 Contact Centre Struggles And How To Overcome Them!

How to overcome the most common contact centre struggles

Sometimes, no matter how high you set the bar for your Contact Centre, it’s inevitable that some things will get in the way - mounting costs, resource pressure, trying to figure out what your customers are thinking. But sometimes, the problems are a little further from home, and the stats are scary...

80% of complaints are to do with failures outside of the Contact Centre, yet a whopping 71% of operations don't pass this intelligence on!*

Using Top Tips and stats from the latest Contact Centre reports, this Infographic will show you that even the toughest challenges (and stats!) can be forgotten just by thinking outside of the box.

From reducing time spent updating customers about their orders, to taking a multi-channel approach, by adopting the tips outlined in this Infographic, you'll be able to drastically improve your Customer Experience.

*Contact Babel (2014) The UK Contact Centre Decision-makers' Guide


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“This technology has proven that our customers are truly engaged, empowering us with the ability to deliver first class customer service.”

- Jason Sharpe, MD at Ovo Energy