How to Communicate the Need For Investment In Voice of the Customer

Posted by Rant & Rave

For many brands, Voice of the Customer is just an expensive add-on. It’s a nice to have, rather than a need to have. Often this attitude is the reason Voice of the Customer doesn’t have enough investment. After all, it’s much harder for senior execs to justify investment in an area that isn’t seen as business critical. 

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What is Emotional Engagement Really About? [Infographic]

Posted by Sam Roberts

Have you heard the news: emotion is the key to winning the hearts and minds of your customers and employees. In fact, Forrester has even gone as far as to state emotion is the key to CX loyalty.

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How Customers Can Help You to Innovate Product Development

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Customers have rarely been involved in product development in the past. This is surprising since they’re the ones that will eventually be using them. In most scenarios, feedback from previous models will have been used in order to develop a better version.

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4 Ways to Use Customer Feedback to Identify Problems Faster

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Most Voice of the Customer programmes are reactive – they wait until customers flag up problems through negative feedback before they resolve an issue.

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Is It Time for Voice of the Customer to Mature and Move to the Next Phase?

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Voice of the Customer programmes are nothing new. But, despite this, many brands just aren’t driving their programmes beyond the basics. They’re sticking with the same processes and the same feedback mechanisms that they’ve used for years.

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How to Make Your Office a Place Employees Are Happy to Call Home

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Only a decade ago the typical working office looked very different, more often than not it would be four off-white coloured walls and a bunch of desks. But with the rise of Google and a shift in culture we're seeing a change in the workplace and with it a rise in 'fun' offices to increase employee engagement.

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