Why Insurers Need to Move Fast to Meet Customer Expectations

Posted by Rant & Rave

HomeServe has long been committed to actively listening and responding to the Voice of its Customer. When customers finish speaking to a HomeServe representative, they’re transferred to a recording platform and asked three questions about their experience.

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Three Ways Hospitality and Leisure Brands Can Face the CX Challenge

Posted by Sam Roberts

Arguably, the challenge for the hospitality and leisure brands is clear, customers expect more than ever before. But, for every organisation in this sector, the specific challenge is different, depending on their current circumstances.

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4 Questions to Consider When Reinventing Your Company Culture

Posted by Sam Roberts

Reinventing your company culture is a huge ask and there's no shortcuts. To help you with a few of the hurdles, here's 4 questions to consider if you're at the start of your journey. 

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How You Can Use Technology to Improve Employee Engagement in the Contact Centre

Posted by Rant & Rave

It goes without saying that being under unnecessary pressure at work can leave you feeling disengaged and unhappy. Well, this couldn’t be truer for your Frontline Contact Centre agents.

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8 Things to Think About in Customer Experience For 2017...

Posted by Sam Roberts

Whether you're looking to shake things up in 2017, or you just want to explore what lies ahead, we've got the definitive scoop on all of the hot topics that will be dominating customer experience and customer engagement this year.

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A Must-See Webinar for Customer Experience Rebels

Posted by Emma Rudeck

There are two types of people in this world. There are those who play by the rules, do what they’re told and keep their head below the parapet. And there are those who don’t.

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