The Insider's Guide to Customer Engagement Raveolution 2016

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This year Customer Engagement Raveolution is returning with a bang! Take a breath and steady yourself because there's a good chance you might fall off your chair with excitement (we're so excited that Rant & Rave are currently doing figure eights around the office).

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5 Business Bags that Also Rock at Festivals

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Have you ever tried to survive an event, conference or festival with the wrong bag? If not, it’s probably never even crossed your mind and may seem like a trivial problem. But if you have, you know that lugging an armful of swag around all day is not what you want to be doing.

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Seven and a Half Ways to Survive a Business Festival

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No longer just a muddy field, filled with wellies, heavy beats and 3am hot-dogs, festivals are fast becoming the places to see and be seen. 

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How CX in Retail is Evolving

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With customer expectations increasing, it’s not surprising that CX in retail is evolving, it’s a fast-moving space. To help retailers make sense of the key changes, we’ve outlined the four areas that are having the greatest impact.

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Show Me the Money: Calculating the ROI of VoC

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Have you ever heard people (even, sometimes, colleagues) describe Voice of the Customer as a bit soft, woolly or a nice to have extra? Rightly or wrongly (and we do think wrongly), these are some of the criticisms that you’ve no doubt heard levelled at VoC programmes and the technology that supports them.

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5 Brands that are Emotionally Engaging their Employees

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When you meet up with your friends, you can tell who’s having a bad time at work almost immediately. Even if they’re not ranting about how horrible their boss is or how much they’ve got on, their body language will tell you that they’re week hasn't been great and they'll be dreading Monday morning.

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